Cash Cryphon’s gold

Cash connection cryphon’s gold

Birds that are big and strong in stories or fairy tales there are birds that always come to help many people. The bird has wide and large wings capable of carrying strength on its back. This story is made into a game by novomatic provider. A new game that has just been developed has been able to attract many gamers. Yes, cash connection cryphon’s gold, the type of game with the theme of a hero, an eagle, has become a game that has been highlighted by many gamers.

The form of the cash connection game cryphon’s gold has 5 reels and 3 lines. This bird that has golden wings has many touching stories and legends so that it can make gamers cry for the story. The winning value in the cash connection cryphon’s gold game is 10 game winning values.

Game symbol

Lavatin – When playing it gamers will find several symbols that give a winning value, such as gold coins that trigger the jackpot value in the game and direct gamers to the treasure. As we know the main symbol in the cryphon’s gold cash connection game is the cryphon or it can also be called the eagle.

Wild which can replace all symbols except scatter. The scatter symbol is a gold coin. The presence of the eagle gives a lot of fun, a lot of value to get and double value in the game. By getting 6 coins or more you will get a spin lock. The existence of a spin lock symbol in the game will stop not moving at all.

Spin lock on game

Even if the symbol stops, there is still an empty space in the game, where the empty space will continue to rotate. Turns that are not carried out together but stand alone. For 3 rounds from the start the value of the symbol will stand alone, so gamers will get the number of coins that come. There will be such a thing as repeating the game during the spin lock game.

Win and get the grand jackpot//gold

The repetition will be present on the 3rd round. Even though the gold coins are a scatter sign or spin key, they can also give the game a jackpot value. To be able to win the game, gamers can get one of the 4 jackpots in the game. The 4 progressive jackpots in the game are: mini, minor, major, and grand.

Automatic games and jackpots

During the spin lock the gamer will get some double value with the game jackpot obtained. But if the spin lock ends and no jackpot is obtained, then the value of the win will be small. The end of free spins and spin locks if you manage to get a big jackpot, namely grand. If you feel the game is less exciting, gamers can press the auto button. The auto button is an automatic button that moves symbols without the gamer having to press the spin button again.

The existence of an automatic gamer button makes it easy to play games. No need to press the button again. Just waiting for the sweet results of the game round. In automatic rotation, the symbol’s winning value will be slightly different from the win value that is done manually. This cloud-themed game also has lively music sounds. The shrill sound of the eagle gives the spirit of winning the game. So what are you waiting for, let’s play and win lots of prizes in the cryphon’s gold cash connection game.

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