Impera link golden horus

Impera link golden horus

Impera link golden horus is a game that gives a lot of unexpected surprises. This time novomatic presents an Egyptian-themed game. In the golden Horus game you will get an additional game in the form of a jackpot. The presence of the jackpot in the Golden Horus game makes you get a lot of very high profits. Impera link started joining the golden horus game and made the impera link golden horus game a popular game among gamers.

Games that have an Egyptian theme will show some powerful and great Egyptian symbols. You can go on an exciting adventure by participating in the search for the mystical powers of Egypt and the treasures in the pyramids. A game that has 3 reels and 5 paylines can take you to the treasures stored in the pharaoh’s residence.

Match symbols and win

Lavatin – In this game you can live forever when you manage to get the golden horus. To start playing the game you will also find a coin logo in the game. To get the coin value you can start from the same symbol form or from mixed symbols. Getting value is not just a kind of thing, but you also have to look at the flow of values ​​that will be given by Impera Link Golden Horus.

The various paths that have been determined by the game can give you victory and can also be from left to right which makes you win a lot. You can see and observe the symbols listed on the game on the reel screen. The symbols that you find include the god of Horus, beetles, Anubis, Egyptian warriors, Egyptian symbols, number coins, and many other types of symbols that you can find in the game.

symbol of immortal potion//koin

Active jackpot games

There will be many types of symbols that you can find in the game info. In the info there are also amounts and values ​​that you can see in the game info. In order to get a value you must present 3 symbols of the same or similar type to win the game. Not only symbols can give you victory, but blue coins from impera link will also bring you victory.

Blue coins have different values. So when you get 6 coins in any roll location will open the game jackpot. As long as the game jackpot doesn’t move the screen just sits still. And what moves is only the screen that hasn’t got the blue coin or jackpot symbol. Successfully getting coins or jackpots makes the game screen get 3 additional spins.

Eternal life with automatic game play

Thanks to the increased turnover, you get the opportunity to win easily. The screen will be completely covered by coins and jackpots. This will give a big wave into the game impera link golden horus. No need to wait long, automatically the value of all the coins you collect will be immediately added to your score and make you win a lot.

Successfully finding the golden horus, you must be prepared to live forever and not be afraid of death and aging. This type of game that is played with cash only will bring you great wealth for you. Impera Link Golden Horus can also be played automatically in the game. A system that makes the screen rotate on its own so gamers don’t have to press buttons. Sit pretty and wait for the results of the game play without any hassle. The results will go straight to your score and win big.

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