Lord of the ocean is an exciting and fun type of slot machine game. A game that will show the beauty of the underwater world. The game lord of the ocean has some unexpected features. Will find a great sea king with handsome and beautiful mermaids. We will continue to dive into the ocean to find some unexpected graves.

The game in the form of 5 reels has a lively game sound. Based on the title lord of the ocean, this type of game depicts beautiful and handsome mermaids. There we will also find a powerful sea king the leader who leads the mermaids. To get a game win, of course, you have to do several stages. This stage can be done as much as 10 times the value obtained for game payments.

Winning game with sea wheel

Lavatin – It might look an old lord of the ocean game. But players don’t need to worry because even though it looks long, the game lord of the ocean has been able to attract many players and become popular. To be able to achieve victory in the game lord of the ocean gamers must be able to succeed in getting the same sign.

A sign that gives a lot of additional game spins can be a scatter. Scatter coming from the sea wheel. Sea wheel that gives free spins. To be able to win, gamers must get the same sign, be it a wild or other symbol. The value of the game bet can be placed from the amount of 10 coins to 100 game stake coins.

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A symbol that gives a lot of wins

Game lord of the ocean 1 symbol that has 2 values ​​or the same function gives the game victory value. Scatter and wild come from the door in the form of a wheel. A sign that can replace many symbols. As long as the scatter gets the same sign it will activate the free spins. The number of free spins can be obtained with a total of 10 free spins.

The gate in the shape of a wheel will open and reveal the vastness of the ocean. The wheel will be present in the middle of the spinning game and determine the font of the bonus game. After getting a bonus sign, the game screen will stop not playing. The screen will alternate until you get the sign shown by the wheel door.

The symbol prepared by the wheel door

Each screen will keep changing until it gets its mark. If during the bonus game on the screen you get the same 3 marks, the other symbols will be replaced by these marks. The more signs you get, the more winning points you can get. Can get a high win who does not want?

In the game, gamers can get the highest score of five thousand. Has a game level of 95.1%. The game level is small but able to give an exciting impression in the game lord of the ocean. To be able to play comfortably, gamers can use automatic games. A game where the game screen rotates by itself.

Auto and game info

Move by yourself without having to press a button and wait for the result of the winning value. The game lord of the ocean has the form of an ancient theme game. The theme of the game is in the form of the Greek era. Can be seen from the mermaid clothes. There are beautiful jewelry worn by the mermaid and sea king Poseidon.

In addition to playing automatically, gamers can also find out the value of the symbol through game info. In the game info there will be many symbols and ways to win the game lord of the ocean. There will be a lot of value that gamers can see and get easily.

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