Snow blast

Snow blast novomatic

Snow blast game that gives a lot of surprises in each symbol. This time novomatic presents a game that is cold and frozen. Seeing the very cold form of the game makes the snow blast game a game that gamers will be waiting for later. In a cold place there will be a princess who looks like an iceman. Unlike the children’s version of the ice man in the fairy tale movie.

This time the ice man who was wearing a green shirt with his whole body filled with cold made the people next to him feel cold as well. The cold princess who has 5 rolls will present several winning lines that have a lot of winning values ​​that will give you a high win.

Frozen symbols

Lavatin – Games that have a refill cycle will be games that give you a chance to win. The symbol that is present in the snow blast game is a frozen fruit symbol. The win rate that can produce similar symbols and symbol combinations. You will meet a princess who has cold powers.

The power that can take you to the place where the princess lives in a cold area, any object will immediately freeze in a snowy area. Items that can be found and eaten to win include frozen fruit watermelon, oranges, cherries, plums, lemons, and grapes as well as bells, blue diamonds, photos of princesses, number 7s and stars.

Expanding stars and wilds

In a cold place of course there are also stars that can still shine on you. Because this is a snow blast game, the princess is the wild one. The presence of the princess can replace all symbols except the star. Since stars are in the sky you can only form values ​​from the same star shape. No matter where the star is present will give you a high coin value.

frozen symbol value//freeze

For maximum results, you can see the value of the direction of the symbol, if any symbol is present in the left to right position, it will give you a value except for a star. Because the stars will move on their own and don’t follow the combination values ​​of other snow blast game symbols. Successfully getting a wild will expand the reels and give a lot of symbol values.

Auto play game

If the gamer manages to get the number 7 with a pyramidal model, it will give coins as much as 2000 coins. Get 3 wilds vertically to get 35 coins. Each symbol that is formed will show a cold atmosphere and make the symbol freeze. Seeing the cold in the princess’s place, of course you will not be able to survive. Heavy storms and piercing cold will make you think a thousand reasons to win the game.

Snow blast which has been developed by novomatic can also play games automatically. Automatic games will provide a lot of convenience for you so you can win with high scores. The convenience that you can get is that the screen rotates quickly and there is no need to press the start button again.

Set bet value

No need to download the game anymore because the snow blast game can be enjoyed with trusted online gambling sites. Can be opened via a browser without having to download the game. Don’t forget to prepare enough game bets for you. Because it could be when you’re having fun – the fun of the game stops and makes you become addicted. To eliminate bets, you can enter your bet to continue the game. Set the value of your bet so that it is enough when playing the game. There are plus and mint buttons that set the amount of your bet.

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